Dravidian Movement the first of its kind in Tamil history to spread rationalism and Tamil togetherness amongst Tamils across continents and countries originated in India but took its roots in Ceylon, Singapore and Malaysia. Wherever a Tamil went he took with him the ideals of Periyar EVR and Aringnar Anna.

The social reform movement almost brought Tamils together making them sink the caste and religious divide. After Aringnar Anna's demise, a drift to retain power for temporary gains took place with Dravidian movement being hijacked by money minded political aspirants who sacrificed everything at the altar of politics of power. Then the splits based on ego clashes further weakened its base. The vacuum is there with all caste based unprincipled politicians trying to grab space and cinema actors entering the fray to cash in on their screen charisma.

Devoid of ideology and drifting from the clean politics of Anna's days all those who want to make hay while it shines are trying to take Tamil Nadu back to divisive and irrational grounds which will wipe out the gains of a century old movement.

If 12 disciples of Jesus Christ could build a world religion,why not Anna's million brothers achieve global Tamil unity ? Anna's death brought teeming millions to the sands of Marina beach at Chennai. Time had come for retrieving and regaining the spirit of the Dravidian Movement.

We are not after power nor for comforts or benefits in life. With handful as torch bearers, sorry as candle bearers, we will try to keep the flame alive. We will uphold Anna's legacy at all costs laying our lives.

N.Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai.

Annaism stands for the personal philosophy and political ideology of Aringar Anna. Annaism stands for universal affinity, equality, fraternity, liberty, honesty, purity, sincerity, morality and for socialism and democracy in their truest sense and meaning.

கையேந்தி இரந்து நிற்கும் இரவலனே இல்லாத - கஞ்ச நெஞ்சனின் இதயமில்லாக் கடும்பார்வை விழாத - தேவைகள், குற்றங்கள், பொய்மையே இல்லாத - பழிப்புரையே கேளாத உலகம் - உடலாலும் உள்ளத்தாலும் பிணிவயப்படாத மனித இனம் - எங்கே வாழ்நாள் நீடிக்குமோ எங்கே அச்சம் மடியுமோ - எங்கே இன்பம் சுரக்குமோ எங்கே அன்பு ஆழமாகுமோ - அத்தகு புன்னகை பூத்த நிலம் நோக்கி குடிசையில் - வாழும் மனிதனை இட்டுச் செல்லும் இலட்சியமே அண்ணாயிசம்

The ideology of the Party: Socialism called as Annaism

Dravida Peravai is a socialist party, which it describes as Annaism. "A world without beggar's outstretched palm, the miser's heartless stony stare, the piteous wail of want, the pallid face of crime, the livid lips of lies, the cruel eyes of scorn, a race without disease of flesh or brain, A land where life lengthens, fear dies, joy deepens, love intensifies and man regains his dignity, is what Aringnar Anna dreamt of and Annaism stands for" says the party manifesto. Aringnar Anna, the founder of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, parent party of Dravida Peravai, spoke about the ideals while delivering the convocation address in Annamalai University. Those words were chosen to describe Annaism, as a socialist ideology suitable to Indian soil.[Date of Formation: 15.02.1996. Registration with Election Commission of India 25.10.1996.] Read Anna's Convocation speech....

Objectives of the Party:

Dravida Peravai is for complete nuclear disarmament and moral re-armament. It strives for pooling the knowledge of science and technology for eradicating poverty, disease, illiteracy from the face of Earth. It aims towards a quest all over galaxies for betterment of humanity and all living creatures on Earth. For ending speculative economics it moots evolving of single global currency for knitting the economies of the countries and continents together. Read more

Code of Conduct:

The rules and regulations of Dravida Peravai registered with Election Commission of India contains a code of conduct for party functionaries. a] A party functionary must be proficient in Thirukural and must be secular in outlook. b] A party functionary must consider " Every country is my country, Everyone is my kinsmen" as Poet Kaniyan Poongundranaar says. In short galaxial thinking pushing the borders of human consciousness is the single most important duty of the party functionary. c] Read more
[Dravida Pervai happily reproduces the debate that took place in Rajya Sabha in May 1963. DMK Founder Aringnar Anna ultimately changed the name of Madras State as Tamil Nadu and fulfilled the centuries old desire of the Tamil Nation on his becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1967. In 1963 he spoke in Parliament on the question of renaming Tamil Nadu. You can find out the arguments advanced for and against and also note who opposed the renaming in order to understand the forces that played for and against Tamil nationalism]
Mr. Vice Chairman, I am rarely in full agreement with my friend Mr.Bhupesh Gupta, but today I rise to support him whole-heartedly, fully and sincerely. Read more

உணர்ச்சிக் கவிஞர் காசி ஆனந்தன் சூட்டிய புகழ் மகுடம்

நற்றமிழ் அறிஞன் நந்தி வர்மன்
பெற்ற தன் தாய்மண் காக்கும் பேரரண்!
காரிருள் சூழ்ந்த காலை எம் மண்ணில்
பேரொளி பாயப் பிறந்த முழுநிலா!
ஆய்வினால் எழுத்தால் அருந்தமிழ் மண்ணின்
தேய்வினை நிமிர்த்தும் தேர்ந்த எழுதுகோல்!
கனவிலும் தமிழர் களத்திடை உலவும்
இன மானத்தின் இன்னொரு வடிவம்!
செந்தமிழ் ஆங்கிலம் கலப்பார் இழி செயல்
கொந்தி எறியும் இருப்புக் கோடரி!
இன்னுயிர்த் தமிழை மிதிக்கும் இழிபகை
முன் இடி ஓசை முழக்கும் போர்ப்பறை!
இடு கை விலங்கொடு வாழ் இழி தமிழர்
விடுதலை காண வெடிக்கும் எரிமலை!
ஈழம் வாழும் இன்னுயிர்த் தமிழனை
நாளும் அணைக்கும் நற்றமிழ் உறவு!
வல்லான் நந்தி வர்மன்
நல்லான் ! அவன் வழி நடத்தலும் இனிதே!
-காசி ஆனந்தன்.

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